We only sell genuine & legal software licenses, licenses are lifetime valid. Once activated the product will be licensed the lifetime of your motherboard. All products supplied have a 1 year of warranty. Genuine versions are published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. You'll need a genuine version of software to access the optional updates and downloads that help you get the most from your PC.

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About Us

About Us - Ecokeys

In the United Kingdom, we have established ourselves as a leading software vendor by offering original and legitimate licenses at competitive prices.

Ecokeys has quickly become one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding online marketplaces for software keys in the United Kingdom. All of the products we offer are authentic, legal, and backed by a 100% activation guarantee.

We are a licensed software provider based in the UK with over 8 years of experience. When it comes to selling software online in the United Kingdom, we are among the industry leaders. We take great satisfaction in our many advantages, which include affordable prices, quick shipping, secure transactions, and free advice from experts.

Among the many software options, we offer are keys for Windows 10 Professional and Microsoft Office 2021. We have a wide variety of software options, including the most up-to-date versions of Microsoft Office (including MS Office 2021 Professional) and Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business ( Microsoft Office for mac).

In addition to providing straightforward installation instructions, we also offer instantaneous delivery of in-demand product keys and software. Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Support Team and receive free, quality assistance. Expect a reply in a little more than 30 minutes.

Our Experience

Eight years ago, our company's founder, who had a hard time locating genuine software keys, decided to help others in his situation by providing them with the best-licensed software items from Microsoft and many other important brands. For years he worked in software and hardware procurement, and during that time he saw a need in the market for affordable software for regular people to use at home and in small businesses. 

As is the case with most things, the greatest bargains are reserved for the wealthy and major corporations. According to his research, a lot of corporations have two licenses for every computer (this is explained more in FAQs). Many of his customers realised they had an unused license and opted to sell it to Ecokeys. We moved from having a handful of clients to a sizable database of satisfied consumers in the UK in a very short period, and we had no idea that the market response would be that positive.

The Best Prices On The Market For Online Software Licences


We guarantee the lowest possible cost, thanks to our extensive experience and bulk purchases. To ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date and effective software solutions, we invest heavily in research, development, and ongoing service enhancements. The license key you ordered will arrive in your email inbox in a matter of minutes. Plus, Ecokeys is available for your shopping convenience whenever you need it.

A Group Of Professionals Who Are Skilled And Experienced


At Ecokeys, everyone on our support team has years of experience in their field and was chosen because they love helping people. "No IT jargon" is a rule that our Microsoft-certified employees follow when talking to customers. We tell you how to solve any problem in plain English.

Why Select Us?

Unmatched Personalized Support

Real People, Real Solutions

At Ecokeys, we break the mold with our human-centric approach to support. Forget automated responses and endless wait times; our dedicated team is here to address your needs promptly, ensuring a response within 30 minutes often within a few minutes.

With Ecokeys, you're guaranteed real-time assistance from a dedicated technician, not a bot.

Efficient Problem-Solving

We're not just quick to respond; we're quick to resolve. Most issues are swiftly handled within one or two interactions, thanks to our experienced team adept at navigating help requests and licensing queries. 

Seamless Setup with Every Purchase

Step-by-Step Guidance

Every Ecokeys order is accompanied by detailed instructions for a hassle-free setup process, from download to activation.

Self-Help Resources

Encounter a hiccup? Our comprehensive troubleshooting guides are designed to help you to resolve common issues with ease.

Direct Access to Expertise

Need further assistance? Our support team is just an email away, offering tailored support without the automated runaround.

Trusted Quality: Genuine Licenses Only

Ethical Sourcing

Ecokeys stands for integrity, sourcing licenses exclusively from vetted suppliers. Each license is guaranteed to be genuine, ensuring online activation without the complications of telephone activation.

Lifetime Ownership

With Ecokeys, your license is yours for life. We ensure that once a license is sold, it's not resold, cementing your ownership and eliminating future activation worries.

The Ecokeys Assurance: No Telephone Activation

A Commitment to Authenticity

We distance ourselves from the questionable practices of telephone activation, ensuring that every license we sell can be activated online, as intended.

Beware of Risky Practices by Competitors

Unlike some competitors who may source licenses from unreliable markets, leading to activation issues and unethical practices like telephone activation, Ecokeys maintains high standards. Telephone activation, often a workaround for resold licenses, can leave the original purchaser unable to reactivate their license, a practice we strongly advise against. With Ecokeys, rest assured you're getting a genuine, ethically sourced product that guarantees to activate online.

Our Promise: Hassle-Free Refunds

Quick and Easy Refund Process

In the rare event that an issue arises that we can't fix, Ecokeys guarantees a straightforward refund process, managed directly by our support technicians, ensuring a resolution within 24 hours.

We see it all the time in competitor reviews
“Product invalid and was advised it was passed to refund department. 1 month later a lot of unanswered emails and no refund provided”

This practice is precisely what we oppose, contributing to consumer skepticism about buying budget-friendly products from the reseller market.

Ecokeys is committed to delivering a fully functional product and offering quick support whenever you encounter a problem.

We will fix any issue if possible but on the rare occasion it may be a machine-related problem etc or if there is no resolution a refund will be provided. The Support technician will handle the refund (there is no refunds department, we rarely need to so there is no need for a department)

You will be refunded within 24 hours of the Technician’s email. No quibbles, no constant email request quick and hassle free.



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