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Differences between Windows 10 and 11

Posted by Ecokeys on 1st Sep 2022

Differences between windows 10 and 11

Microsoft Windows is one of the most used operating systems in the world. It has a market share

of more than 70%. Since its inception, it has continually been improved. The latest versions of

MS Windows are MS Windows 10 and 11.

A brief overview of windows 10

The MS Windows 10 was made to create harmony in the different systems of a user. It was made

to ensure the user can run similar programs in systems such as Xbox game consoles, tablet

computers, smartphones, PCs and laptops. Also, Microsoft designed Windows 10 so that it

would receive more regular updates than the previous windows. Such updates ensure flowless

working and address the dynamic nature of user needs.

A brief overview of windows 11

Windows 11 is an upgrade that came six years after Windows 10. It offers a much better user

interface and integration between user systems on different devices. Windows 11 was made

mainly to provide a better gaming experience. It has a slightly higher system requirement, but

Microsoft can assist you in checking whether your system is compatible with the upgrade to the


Differences between windows 10 and 11

The new interface

The start menu in windows 10 and previous windows was by default located on the far left.

Additionally, it has live tiles which are useless to some people but which provide information at

a glance to others and, therefore very useful

The start menu in windows 11 is at the centre. It has done away with live tiles; instead, it has

provided a section for pinned apps so that you can easily access the app and programs you

frequently use.

The interface of windows 10 greatly focuses on providing ease of operation by creating an

android experience. It also allows users to interact and personalise their experience using various


On the other side, Windows 11 provides an android experience and a macOS experience. Users

have more liberty to create their own experience by personalising how they interact with various

programs. Expanding the interface to integrate with Android and Apple products provides users

with more options and a better experience.

Integration with android apps

Windows 10 only provides an interface that mimics the android interface. However, it does not

allow users to download similar applications on their android devices. It isn't easy to operate on

Windows without using your android device.

On the other hand, Windows 11 provides an android interface experience and allows you to

download and use applications similar to those on your android device. Therefore, it has better

synchronization for apps. For instance, you can now have a similar amazon app on your PC just

as on your Android device.

Virtual desktop support

Windows 10 is limited in terms of what you can access from your computer using another

device. You can only access files that you saved in the cloud. It makes operating difficult when

you have forgotten your laptop or windows tablet.

On the other hand, windows 11 has enhanced access to your computer through the editing

features for desktop support. You can access your files virtually using another device. Apart

from accessing files, you can also use your computer by virtually accessing it from another


Better widgets

Windows introduced widgets in windows 7. They have continually improved them to provide the

best user experience. Windows 10 displayed less information, and the design of the widgets was

not that attractive.

The widgets in windows 11 have a better design and are more attractive. They are highly

customisable regarding the information you prefer to receive, and they also provide more

information than those in windows 10.

Are there any similarities between the two?

There are several similarities between the two windows, which include the use of widgets to

provide information such as news, traffic and weather. The user interface also provides the same

applications, the only difference being their arrangement. They are also similar in power and

security, except that they have a difference in appearance.


1. Do I need to pay to upgrade to windows 11 if I have windows 10

The upgrade is free, but you need to check the system compatibility and have the latest update of

windows 10.

2. Can I buy a PC that already has windows 11?

Yes, PC that has pre-installed windows 11 are currently available.

3. Do I have to upgrade to windows 11

No, you can continue to use windows 10 because Microsoft will continue to provide the

necessary support

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