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Windows 11 for Pro Gamers

Windows 11 for Pro Gamers

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It's been quite some while now since the release of Windows 11, and just like the previous iterations of the operating system, it has its ups and downs. But one thing is for sure is that Windows 11 is the best version of Windows for gamers.

How so? Well, there are many contributing factors, such as better optimization, advanced features, etc., and in this article, we will be going over each one of them.

Windows 11 | Features for Gamers

With the introduction of Windows 11, we got to see many new changes to the operating system. These include new features and many other updates. From a quick glance, you would notice many visual changes that have been made to the user interface.


But under the hood, there are a lot of other developments and optimizations, some of which affect the gaming experience. Listed below are some of the major Windows 11 updates dedicated to gamers:


      Auto HDR


      Game mode

      Xbox app and Game pass

Auto HDR

One of the significant improvements over Windows 10, Auto HDR has caught the eye of many PC gamers, quite literally. In simple words, Auto HDR improves the overall graphics of your games, and if you have an HDR-compatible monitor, this one is absolutely for you.


The operating system automatically detects monitors with HDR, and with the Auto HDR feature, you get a much more aesthetic gaming experience. The color range is enhanced to HDR (High Dynamic Range) along with the brightness. This means that gamers can have a much more immersive experience with HDR-supported games.


From dark corners to well-lit areas, everything is extraordinarily detailed. Thanks to this feature, the colors in SDR-only games are also much more vivid and realistic. Use the Auto HDR feature, and dare I say it, see your games in a new light!


Another big update is Windows 11’s DirectStorage. Making use of an NVMe SSD, this feature eliminates long waiting screens and makes way for smooth gameplay. How does this work? DirectStorage is an example of an API (Application Programming Interface). The feature acts as a bridge between two applications and allows them to work efficiently. The two applications, in this case, are the GPU and SSD.


In this case, NVMe SSDs transfer a game’s loading data directly to the GPU, skipping the time that the CPU requires for decompression and processing of the data. The GPU carries out the decompression process much faster and allows games to render more quickly.


By eliminating the use of the CPU, your PC can load games at astonishing speeds. Meanwhile, the CPU is free to perform other tasks. But it is obvious that for this feature to work well, a PC with high computer configurations is required.

Game Mode

The Windows 11 Game mode is a big upgrade over the one found in Windows 10. As evident by the name, the Game mode is designed to offer a seamless gaming experience to users. The ultimate purpose is to increase the fps in games for users by making your game the topmost priority.


According to Microsoft, The Windows 11 Game mode achieves this by restricting the background tasks and disabling unnecessary processes. It optimizes your PC for gaming by appointing more resources to your game, allowing it to run smoothly. This way, CPU usage is also reduced to a minimum.


Furthermore, this feature blocks pop-up notifications on your PC so you can game in peace.

Xbox App and Game Pass

Another Windows 11 key feature is the pre-installed Xbox app. Previously, on Windows 10, users were required to download and install the Xbox Companion app from the PlayStore, and only then could they connect their PC to the Xbox system.


With Windows 11, the complete Xbox app is built-in, and to top that, the Xbox game pass is also available. Subscribers have access to a vast library of top games that they can play for much cheaper than they are.

Should Gamers Opt for Windows 11 Pro?

Windows 11 is available in two versions, Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro. As we discussed previously, Windows 11 is indeed the best option for PC gamers, but what version of Windows 11 should they go for?


Windows 11 Home is the home version of the operating system, while Windows 11 Pro will have some extra features. But do they make much of a difference for gamers?


The first big difference between the two versions is in the CPU department. The Windows 11 Home edition supports 1 CPU with 64 cores, while the Pro edition supports 2 CPUs with a maximum of 128 cores. Does this make the Pro version better for gaming? Technically no. Two CPUs aren’t actually a requirement, even for bulky games. Owing to the DirectStorage feature we discussed earlier, your games can run smoothly enough on 1 CPU.


Windows 11 Pro also supports 2TB of RAM, much larger than the RAM support in Windows Home edition, which is capped at 128GB. 2GB of RAM? Who uses that much? Not gamers. Even 128GB is much more than what is required, even for the heaviest games. So if you just use your PC for games and other everyday tasks, the Home edition will suffice.


In terms of security, Windows 11 Pro is definitely better. The BitLocker feature in Windows 11 Pro is a useful security measure used to encrypt your hard disk. This means that someone other than the owner trying to access the hard drive won’t be able to do so without a password or a key.


If your uses are limited to those of a gamer, then the Windows 11 Home edition is ideal for you. You get all of the important gaming features without even having to pay for them.


On that note, we conclude our article. We hope that you found it helpful. You can purchase Windows 11 from the store -





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