We only sell genuine & legal software licenses, licenses are lifetime valid. Once activated the product will be licensed the lifetime of your motherboard. All products supplied have a 1 year of warranty. Genuine versions are published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. You'll need a genuine version of software to access the optional updates and downloads that help you get the most from your PC.

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Not received an Order email from Ecokeys?

Not received an Order email from Ecokeys?

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Ecokeys prides itself on getting the software you need into your inbox quickly. We do not send software in the post which can take days to arrive, we get the download links and licenses sent to your email inbox as soon as possible. This enables you to download and install your purchased product within an hour depending on the spec of your machine and broadband speed. Once ordered the first step is to read through the order email with full instructions but what if you have not received the order email from Ecokeys?

 This article explains what you need to check if you have not received your order email from Ecokeys within 15 minutes of placing your order.


Ecokeys processes your order and sends to your registered email address a genuine license, download link, and full instructions within 15 minutes. If you cannot see the email run through the below.


Firstly, make sure 15 minutes have passed since you ordered, emails can take time to come through to your inbox. If 15 minutes have passed then check your junk/spam folder, our emails can sometimes go straight through to your spam folder.


If the email is not in your spam/junk folder, log in to your Ecokeys website account and check that the email address you entered during sign-up is correct without any typos.  If there are any typos send an email to [email protected] and advise the correct email address to which you wish the order email to be sent. Support will then resend your order email to the correct address and amend the details on your account. Example below

not received an order email from Ecokeys


If there are no typos in your registered email address there are sometimes issues will email servers delaying the email or blocking an email from us. We send a copy of every email to your inbox on your account on Ecokeys. Login to your account on the Ecokeys website and go to your inbox, your order email should be there after 15 minutes.


If after checking all the above you cannot see your order email, please send an email to [email protected] with PLEASE RESEND ORDER EMAIL in the email title. Please include your order number and Ecokeys support will resend the email.


Please note if you have ordered between 1 am and 7 am and you have not received your order email there may be an issue with our automated software which delivers your email. Your order will be processed/sent from 7 am when a member of the Support team starts their day.  This is a rare occurrence but just so you are aware.

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